Mathematics is a valuable field that teaches students formulas and applications that carry over to many different areas of our daily lives. From buying groceries and paying bills to advanced scientific research and innovative exploration, math is a universal language that powers so much of what we do and allows people from any background to connect and collaborate with clarity.

For children, in particular, learning how to access and utilize this universal language is essential for growth, development, and future career prospects. Mastering mathematics can feel like a daunting task for some; with the help of an experienced tutor, it can be much easier to overcome challenges that may be causing difficulties and equip your child with the confidence and skills they need to excel even further.

At Musicworks Canada, we know just how valuable math tutoring can be when it comes to helping your child better understand math, gain better study skills, and approach schooling with confidence. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of tutoring and how our team is able to assist students across Western Canada with their academic pursuits. Read on to learn more!

Gaining a Solid Foundation

Every student has a unique learning style. While some may intuitively align with the instruction methods offered at school, many benefit from a more personalized approach tailored directly to their needs. This is particularly important when it comes to solidifying a child’s understanding of core foundational concepts and formulas that serve as building blocks for an advanced mathematical application.

Skilled tutors, such as the team at Musicworks Canada, work collaboratively with students to determine what style of learning and approach(es) works best for each pupil and provide a customized curriculum that facilitates better learning and knowledge retention for the benefits in the short and long term academically.

Course Correction

Math can be a tricky subject to tackle, and for children who may be struggling with specific concepts, the earlier you are able to intervene the better. Math tutoring can help get to the root of confusion and build a better path forward. With the right understanding, students can avoid falling behind, catch up, and even learn to excel in their math work while preventing future problems. Tutoring offers tailored practice, support, and flexible approaches that are all designed to help students achieve and succeed!

Increased Confidence 

As with learning any subject, confidence is key when it comes to mastery. Tutoring can help break the misconception that a student “just isn’t good at math” and help instil confidence that new and existing concepts are approachable with the right help. Increased confidence is key for performance and the desire to keep learning and view challenges from a place of encouragement rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Improved Grades

With increased understanding and ample practice comes improved performance. As students begin to grasp concepts more proficiently and, over time, demonstrate mastery, academic performance increases and remains steady. Whether the starting point is a point of struggle or general proficiency, tutoring helps to build upon the foundation that each student arrives with and continuously increases their depth of understanding with each lesson.

Long-Term Growth and Career Potential

While math tutoring is beneficial at any age, the earlier a child enrolls, the easier it is to course correct and establish a more productive (and less frustration-filled, as is often the case) foundation that allows them to grow exponentially over time. Staying on top of mathematical studies keeps a wide variety of doors open as a child grows. Those wishing to pursue a career in Engineering, science and other STEM-related fields, for example, benefit profoundly from 1-1 tutoring that removes instructional barriers and gives them the skills to pursue their passion with ease.

Math Tutoring with Musicworks Canada

At Musicworks Canada, our academy of instructors is proud to offer far more than musical instruction (though our online and in-studio classes offer a wide range of benefits as well). We believe that the best approach to learning and personal growth is to embrace the benefits that both music and mathematics have to offer for academic achievement.
As two universal languages, both math and music help students to grow emotionally, mentally, and academically through all stages of life. That’s why we are proud to offer personalized math tutoring at each of our 22+ locations across Alberta and British Columbia. Utilizing the proven Sprix approach (specifically Math Dojo), which advocates for learning by doing, our tutors are here to provide tailored support for students of all levels and backgrounds. Learn more about how we can help make math more accessible for your child and broaden their horizons here or by contacting our team today!