A New Partnership

Musicworks Canada in cooperation with Sprix Japan is implementing innovative programs and assessments into the existing tutoring model to bring a new type of tutoring to North America. DOJOTOFAS, QUREO, and a new Programming Assessment tool will be joining our curriculum to include math calculation and coding  in our academic offerings.

Sprix is a company that was created to enable a better life for students through education. Everyone is learning from the moment they’re born, and the experience that children have can alter the course of their life and happiness. Sprix has developed unique educational infrastructure to motivate and build confidence by efficiently identifying, targeting, and improving specific areas in order to achieve higher grades. Giving students confidence encourages self-determination in academics and a better outlook on life.

Sprix provides the platform for our next generation to have choices to be happy and successful in whatever career. The name “Sprix” was inspired by the hope that the spring season brings after a bitter cold winter.

To achieve a better life, Sprix produces a variety of educational content such as textbooks and IT curriculums with different methods of distribution like tutoring centers. Sprix engages in different partnerships to impact a wider variety of people in a positive and lasting way. The educational concept is centered on a cycle of guided skill building and detailed assessment that’s been verified with years of research and proven to improve grades. Paired with an open, welcoming environment and teachers who deliver support, encouragement, and motivation, this is an optimal method of learning and improvement.



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