Musicworks Africa is a Volunteer Teaching Program offered through Musicworks Canada. This program offers violin, guitar, ukulele, and vocal lessons for age groups of 3 to 17 in South Africa in collaboration with African Leadership.

Musicworks Canada’s program to outreach Africa through music was initiated in 2009 with the vision to offer quality music education for the underprivileged. One of three Africans live below the global poverty line, and they account for 70 percent of the global poor. While this number of the extremely poor rises daily in Africa, many children have no means to find their ways out of poverty. These children get little or no opportunities for education let alone music education. Musicworks Africa brings this opportunity to South Africa.


Musicworks Canada has 8 locations in Calgary and Vancouver, and it continues to expand across Alberta and British Columbia with its objective to provide music lessons through a wide variety of instruments such as violin, viola, guitar, piano, drums, vocal and more. Musicworks Canada also provides tutoring and academic advancement to students from kindergarten to grade 12. Together with hundreds music instructors and afterschool tutors at Musicworks Canada locations, thousands of students are developing their love and enjoyment in music and academics at schools.

Students under Musicworks Canada have gained high honours as placing top 10 percent in music competitions, and programs such as Royal Conservatory of Music. Our students are very active in their school academics and with our tutoring programs they excel with high grades and develop the joy of learning. Alumnus of Musicworks Canada have achieved academic excellence by moving onto BMUS at top universities, and many of them are now coming back to Musicworks Canada to teach our next generation of students


Musicworks Africa (MA) is formed with mainly high school students for projects centered around music education for the children of South Africa. African Leadership, one of the largest charitable organizations in Africa sets up summer camps for the local underprivileged children, and the volunteer instructors from Musicworks Canada go into these camps to offer instructions in school subjects such as math, science as well as coding and of course, music. During the week, volunteers gain opportunities to challenge themselves to further develop their leadership skills while gaining their cultural appreciation and grow in their passion for music.


Application for Musicworks Africa begins in May of every year. Preparation for the trip starts in September of the same year and the trip takes a place in July. Musicworks Canada will provide intensive workshops for volunteers to prepare their teaching material. The cost for the trip varies on which location the volunteer is departing from. Excluding the cost of the flight ticket with an average cost of 100 dollars per day, the volunteers are provided all local transportation, meals and housing for the duration of their stay.