Dive into the piano, violin, guitar, drums and ukulele as well as different vocal techniques and develop musical knowledge and practical playing skills! Students can explore their favorite music and how it’s made with interactive lessons and tutorials from our specialized instructors. The week ends with a collaborative jam session where students choose an instrument from that week and play a part in a song. This is great for kids who are interested in music but aren’t sure which instrument to start with; try them all!


With our small class settings, there is individual coaching throughout the classes. We focus on tone and pitch recognition to teach the fundamentals of music through various instruments while having fun as a group. One of the main advantages of our Summer Camps are that students can learn Music and Language in nature and with other kids doing music classes, traveling, hiking and many other activities.


Learning musical terms gives us the chance to have lessons in language around the origins of musical terms, whether they’re Latin, French, or Italian. Pairing this with English grammar, writing, speaking and presenting lets students expand their vocabulary while learning new things.