Whether it’s elementary science or high school physics, biology, or chemistry, there are unique concepts that can utilize different strategies to memorize and understand. We have instructors with extensive knowledge and experience who can share test-taking skills and effective study methods to help you succeed at any level.


We care foremost about education. In alignment with our music lessons, our teachers provide a targeted and personalized curriculum for each student. With our targeted tutoring method, we bring out the best in all of our students, and solidify them by building strong foundations where they need it most. Our credibility backed by students’ reviews reflect our dedication and commitment to providing quality education through online and in-person sessions.


Our experienced tutors are able to help with homework, support advanced learning with a focus on higher grades,  as well as assist entry into post-secondary institutions. We identify and analyze areas where students can benefit the most from targeted tutoring, and find new and unique ways to build and strengthen those areas.


By creating a personalized curriculum to suit each individual, our online and in-person tutors are able to work with parents to create good study habits and improve overall academic skills to foster an appreciation for lifelong learning. Our instructors also have experience with children who have special needs or learning disabilities, and utilize many effective strategies in creating the best possible learning environment. 


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