As parents, one of the most rewarding parts of watching our children grow is helping them experience new things and hone new skills that allow them to excel in every part of their lives. Piano lessons have been a long-favoured extracurricular activity for families from all backgrounds and come with a wide range of benefits for kids, including enjoyment, academic environment, and more.

At Musicworks Canada, there’s nothing we love more than helping kids and students of all ages and all walks of life explore their potential. We are proud to offer online and in-studio piano instructions across each of our 20+ locations across Alberta and British Columbia, alongside a diverse range of teachers that provide personalized, 1-1 curriculum for each student.

Below, we’ll take a look at a few of the many benefits of piano lessons for children, as well as the benefits of choosing Musicworks. Read on to learn more!

Memory and Cognitive Development

Studies have shown that playing the piano has a multitude of benefits where memory, cognitive development, and neuroplasticity are concerned. Learning to read music, translate symbols to melodies, and coordinate physical movements simultaneously utilizes several areas of the brain and helps to create stronger neural pathways. These pathways and quicker connections can help improve our memory as we age, aid with focus, enhance academic performance by increasing knowledge retention, and even make learning other skills like secondary languages easier. In short, taking piano lessons from a young age is a significant brain booster, offering children countless cognitive benefits throughout their lifetime as a result. (Don’t worry, adults; there are plenty of benefits for you too!) 


Just as piano lessons have benefits for cognitive function, they also provide a wealth of advantages when it comes to creativity. While part of instruction is learning the theory and fundamentals of music and piano, these form a foundation that allows for and encourages students to play, improvise, and even create their own pieces. These creative muscles are valuable for all aspects of growth and skill learning, giving children a leg up in many different areas of their lives and future development!

Discipline and Patience 

Learning any instrument and honing a new skill requires discipline and patience. The piano is certainly no exception. With the right instructor, overcoming obstacles that may otherwise hinder your progress is much more approachable, and the growing process helps children learn the value of patience and perseverance. This patience and perseverance also leads to increased confidence, thanks to the steady reward of watching skills grow over time and in correspondence to effort put in.

Time Management

Learning the piano doesn’t stop when formal instruction ends. In order to excel and grow, children must commit to routine practice and learn how to adequately balance their time around other activities so they can progress as they desire. Time management, when paired with the additional benefits of discipline and patience, as mentioned above, helps prepare kids for the demands of higher education and the realities of adult responsibility later on in life.

Dexterity and Coordination

Hand-eye coordination and enhanced fine motor skills are essential for piano playing. As students improve their playing, their coordination and dexterity will naturally increase over time. Coordination, dexterity, muscle memory and cognition are all key for overall wellness later in life and contribute to enhanced performance across a wide range of other hobbies, including sports, dance, artistry, and more.

Relaxation and Stress Management

Finally, while it’s easy to highlight the more tangible and direct benefits of learning the piano for children, it’s critical to acknowledge the immense advantage offered when it comes to stress and relaxation. Having a healthy conduit that allows you to relax, recharge, and reconnect with yourself is vital for overall health and wellness. Learning how to decompress from a young age is particularly valuable for children and gives them a safe outlet to express themselves, focus on the task at hand and enjoy themselves without excess pressure or external stressors.

Online and In-House Piano Lessons at Musicworks Canada

Ready to discover the benefits of children’s piano lessons for your little one? Musicworks Canada is here to provide you with industry-leading, personalized instruction that you can trust to help fulfil and grow your child’s potential.

With over 40 years of experience, our team of instructors is proud to welcome learners from all walks of life and all ages and is here to help you create the right program for your child’s skills and long-term objectives. In addition to music lessons, we offer tutoring for math, English, multiple languages, coding and more, as well as rentals and purchase options for those who may need to acquire an instrument to practice at home.

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