Summer is here, and while school may be out, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore academic and personal development while enjoying fun in the sun!

At Musicworks Canada, we understand the importance of embracing diverse languages and cultures as part of a holistic education. With French being one of Canada’s official languages and a valuable skill in today’s increasingly global world, adding another dialect to your child’s (or your own!) repertoire is a great way to broaden horizons and open the door to career and personal opportunities.

Our team is proud to offer tutoring for French students all throughout the year and to include French in our summer camps as a great option to get ready for the coming school year. If you’re looking to help your child excel in second language classes, below are just a few of the ways you can make the most of the summer months and boost their knowledge. Read on to learn more!

Tips for Brushing Up on Your French

When learning any language, regular practice and review are essential to retaining new skills. To stay on top of French mastery, it’s important to

Review Basic Vocabulary and Grammar

Basic vocabulary and grammar are the foundation of any language, and without consistent review, it’s all too easy to learn hard-earned skills! Set aside time, ideally daily) to review core concepts and go over essential topics like greetings, numbers, colours, and common phrases. Flashcards, taping words to their English counterparts (i.e. le réfrigérateur or le frigo on your fridge), etc, are a great way to keep your vocabulary fresh!

Practice Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Skills

You or your child can improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills by embracing immersion opportunities when they present themselves. Watch television series or movies that feature spoken French, and dive into podcasts, radio programs and other media forms like newspapers, books, and more to constantly expose yourself to another language.

In addition to consuming French literature, it’s equally important to practice your writing skills. Write short essays, diary entries, social media posts, etc., in French to help hone your written communication skills.

Seek out Tutoring

For those looking to truly get ahead, summer can be a great time to explore additional learning opportunities like summer camps and/or dedicated tutoring classes that are tailored to you or your child’s current level and objectives. Musicworks Canada offers customized French lessons to help you keep up and get ahead of your mastery in time for the next school year!

What are the Benefits of Year-Round French Tutoring?

At Musicworks Canada, we believe in the benefits of lifelong learning both inside and outside of the classroom. We know that there are many benefits to taking French lessons all year round, including;

Continuous Learning and Progression

Enrolling in extra-curricular French classes all year round affords you ample practice that makes it easier to learn, retain, and progress in your mastery of a new language. Regular exposure to the French language and culture builds continuous learning and helps you build upon your existing knowledge and skills over time. You’ll also develop enhanced fluency and confidence, which prepares you to take on higher levels of education once school resumes!

Cultural Enrichment and Global Awareness

Extra-curricular French classes expose students of all ages to a different culture and help broaden their world understanding through their interaction with history, literature and the arts. Gaining respect for another country helps make the world a bigger, more open space for learners.

Academic and Career Advantages

Knowledge of a second (or third, or fourth!) language offers a significant bolster to both academic and professional resumes, and it’s never too early to start laying the groundwork for a successful future! Bilingualism is a highly valued skill in today’s workforce and helps open doors to higher education opportunities.

Cognitive Benefits and Brain Health

Finally, learning another language has been proven to have multiple cognitive benefits, including improved memory, problem-solving skills, academic performance, and more. For parents wanting to give their child the best foundation moving forward, and for learners of all ages that enjoy expanding their knowledge, French tutoring is a fantastic option!

French Lessons and More with Musicworks Canada

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your French skills before the next school year starts or committing to the benefits of year-round extra-curricular classes, taking control of your understanding and mastery of French is rewarding.  Musicworks Canada is here to help you or your child excel with online and in-person English and language tutoring classes. Learn more about our multi-lingual tutoring here or by contacting our team today!  Au plaisir de vous voir bientôt! (Looking forward to seeing you soon!)