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The benefits of learning how to play the violin are numerous. They range from improving your concentration and focus to a strong sense of mental and emotional well-being. Learning to play the violin is exciting, and if you want to become an expert, you need guidance from the right instructor.

Our goal at Calgary Musicworks is to make it simple for you to master the violin while at the same time exposing you to other musical instruments and theories. Our qualified teachers will personalize your violin lessons in Calgary so that you learn fast and retain more.

Which Violin Should You Buy?

Your choice of the violin will depend on several factors, such as your skill level, your age, and budget. The wrong violin can create technique issues and cause chronic health issues.

Size – Playing using a violin that’s not of the right size will affect your technique and lead to chronic back, neck, and arm injuries. As such, it’s crucial to account for your body size, age, physical strength, and hand shape when buying a violin.

Adults use the full-size violin, which is also referred to as the “4/4”. When buying for your child, never make the mistake of assuming your little one will grow into it. Instead, buy a violin that is right for your kid at their present age and body size.

The lengths of violins range from 15 inches (1/16-size) to 23.5 inches (4/4-size). To make the best selection, you need to try different sizes first before buying. Our experienced instructors will be more than happy to help you make the best choice for you or your little one.

Price and Quality – The cheapest violins are often plagued by such problems as sound-posts and bridges that are improperly fitted, pegs that never stay in tune, crooked bows, among other issues.

Your goal when shopping should be finding the highest quality violin for the best price. The prices vary with quality beginner violins being the most affordable, followed by the university-level violins, which are more costly. The professional violins are the most expensive.

Why Do You Need A Violin Teacher?

Although you can learn how to play the violin on your own, not having a teacher will prevent you from understanding what a pitch is and how to develop this sense. Learning on your own may also cause you to play pieces that are way too hard for you. As a result, you may feel like the violin is not for you, or you’re not making any progress. An instructor will get you started with simple music and ensure you progress at the right pace.

Learning the violin on your own might make you develop an inflated sense of self skill. This isn’t a plus because you will take criticism badly and might even embarrass yourself in front of a crowd. An instructor will make sure that never happens by guiding you right from the start.

Master the Violin the Right Way

With decades of teaching music and thousands of satisfied students, you can be guaranteed of the best experience in our violin lessons in Calgary. Learn at your own pace with certified instructors who are passionate about teaching music. Register at any time, and feel free to contact us directly on 403-516-1003.

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