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What does a summer camp look like? The answer to this looks a lot different now than in pre-Covid years. The invigorating childhood ritual is fragile, where parents cannot ascertain the safety of their children. Here is all you need to know about our summer music camps in Calgary.

The health safety

The prospect for summer music day camps is a lot better than in 2020. We have modified the system and environments to have the best and safest conditions. These include diligent sanitary standards and testing the staff to ensure the protection of all children.

Most essential conditions in a summer camp

Calgary’s music camps are easily the most fun activity for most children, especially as the world tries to figure out better coping mechanisms against Covid. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

  • Proximity
  • Age
  • Activities
  • Comfort levels

Age allowed in our summer music camps in Calgary

Our classes are appropriate for pre-school students and are comfortable enough for them to enjoy a daycare setting. Our age cut-off is essential because it allows students to enjoy the same activities and have an accessible socialization environment. Get your child into our space, whether they are just a couple of months old or in their last preschool years because there will be an activity that entices their senses.

Cost of the summer music lessons

Affordability is a crucial consideration when choosing a summer camp. The typical summer camp has a flexible payment plan that costs as low as a couple of hundred for a weeklong attendance. We have different payment structures, depending on the program you wish them to attend. The bottom line is that our summer camp will not break your bank or cause any significant lifestyle changes. Let us help you tailor the best payment plan for all your preschool children.

Activities in the summer music camps in Calgary

Summer camps are generally diverse; they include music, arts, theater, and science, among many more hobbies. Here are all the music lessons you can get from our musical summer camp:

  • A comprehensive class of many different instruments like the violin, guitar, and piano, among many more
  • Songwriting
  • Vocal lessons

Staff qualifications

The staff and musical teachers determine the standard of learning in the camp. It is also essential to have a healthy teacher-to-student ratio so each child receives adequate attention throughout the learning process. All our music instructors in Calgary AB have professional training and can focus on the musical details of each student to improve their talent.


The summer music camps in Calgary should have full-time counselors, administrators, teachers, and security staff at all entry and exit points. We are not naïve about matters the safety of children and maintain the same or better security standards as a decent school. It is essential that you familiarize yourself with our pick-up and drop-off rules, so you can help us ensure the security of your child at all times.

Musicworks Canada is a modern preschool environment with an online presence on all socials. Check out the comments on Facebook or Instagram to get a feel of our reputation as you analyze our ability to offer lifetime memories for your child, and call us (403-764-5386 (Edgemont), 403-516-1003 (Beddington), 403-456-3380 (West Springs)) or contact us on our website to learn more about our services.



Summer Music Camps Calgary

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Summer Music Camps Calgary

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