Who We Are

Sprix Japan is implementing innovative programs and assessments into the existing academic curriculum to bring a new type of tutoring to Canada. DOJO (Math), TOFAS (Academic assessment) and QUREO (Coding) use deep-learning AI, which analyzes a student’s answers and creates unique questions to immediately target their areas of weakness. The programs are designed to fit any student as the personalized assessments help make the entire learning process more efficient and fun.


This proprietary program is driven by Artificial Intelligence to optimize the academic curriculum by analyzing student data from across the globe. Skill-building is completely individualized by asking questions targeted at specific areas of weakness. Confidence is built by asking questions that are tailored to the student’s level, so they’re not too easy and not too hard. This means that kids who need more time to understand a concept are never rushed, and kids who work through the material quickly can accelerate at their own pace. It is a truly individualized program, where no two students will work on the same drills.


TOFAS (Test of Fundamental Academic Skill) is an online academic assessment tool designed to identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of a student. A global academic comparison is offered four times a year and is available exclusively in Canada through Musicworks Canada. This tool allows precision assessment for parents, students, and teachers to understand the area of improvement per topic in detail and identify how students can improve their learning fundamentals.

Learn By Doing

Many parents are concerned that their child might be struggling with returning to school post-Covid. This unique AI-driven academic approach shows us why a student is struggling at their core, and builds a solid foundation and understanding of fundamental concepts so students can catch up and get ahead. Unlike other tutoring centers where all students are provided the same worksheets that take time to be graded, this program provides feedback immediately, allowing students to focus on reviewing the necessary concepts. The ultimate goal is to expedite the learning process, and the algorithms make full use of the data to further personalize the curriculum. As a result, students have more free time to spend with family or on other extracurricular activities.


In the current digital age, technical education is advancing rapidly and many schools are integrating programming into their core curriculum. The importance of building a foundation for coding starting at an early age has become important across the world. Therefore, we want to equip our students with an understanding of computer programming, so they can thrive in the future when they enter the workforce.

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