TOFAS is an online academic assessment tool designed to identify specific strengths/weaknesses, make global academic comparisons and map the way to improved grades. It is to be taken four times a year, and now available exclusively in Canada through Musicworks Canada. This tool allows precision assessment for parents, students and teachers to understand the area of improvement per topic in detail. This increases communication and finally, everybody can be on the same page. When learning in group environments such as schools, there will be gaps in learning by its nature. TOFAS help bridges those gaps. Base on the results parents and teachers can give targeted assignments in areas that need to be improved instead of having student complete assignments that they’re already familiar with. This allows individual learning, and efficient use of time

TOFAS is utilized to assess your academic level. Having an understanding of each student’s capabilities allows us to better support them in learning and preparing for future entrance exams and other evaluations. 



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