This self-proprietary program is driven by AI to optimize the academic curriculum, by analyzing a vast amount of data from student groups. It can individualize the skill building and ask targeted questions to students, which fortifies weaknesses. By adjusting and controlling the learning, Dojo allows students to maximize practice time. It is a truly individualized program, where no two students will work on the same drills.

SPRIX has continued to invest heavily into technology to further improve student outcomes and will continue to perfect the system in increments to tailor the program to your child’s needs.

A dedicated instructor will carefully follow up according to each student’s learning progress. They encourage children to become aware of themselves and support them to increase their motivation to study. Classrooms are held at Musicworks Canada with other children and instructors will provide advice to keep focus of each student’s studies.


The TOFAS skill assessment test is used to determine what students are good at and what they need help with. By having the AI analyze the initial assessments of the current struggle, it can continue the study using the best method and material so that there is no time wasted. The system will also determine strengths and weaknesses of the student by asking questions, this allows you to improve what you already know and focus on what you are struggling with.


Building a solid foundation for academics is very crucial as it allows the ability to solve problems with good comprehension. Advanced learning cannot take place without the groundwork and building blocks required.

Students develop the ability to study by themselves, and this is the result of personalized teaching that draws out the ability to solve by themselves by focusing on exercises that improve their procedural fluency.

By learning at your own pace with targeted lessons, you will be able to understand how to study and deal with higher level problems. By overcoming your weaknesses, your grades will reflect your ability to have consistent test results.


Programming Designed for Young Beginners


A city operated by computer programming is attacked by coding errors! Our young hero will go through 56 Chapters of coding, animating and creating games to solve the problems faced by the city.


In our current digital era, technical education is advancing rapidly. The importance of building a foundation for coding starting at an early age has become important all over the world. As children enter society, the skills to understand and utilize coding will continue to be crucial. We consider computer programming to be a fundamental academic skill.


Learning the basic of programing while using the block based visual interface that is easy for kids to learn. The learning is challenging even for advanced learners to grasp coding logic. Through our unique program, students not only learn the concept of computer language but also have a fun and practical method to apply them.


Students as early as elementary school can enjoy learning the basics of programming while creating up to 4 games in a single session. Students have fun through the variety of characters and storyline while learning the fundamental concepts of coding.



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