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It was only a matter of years before online music lessons became the norm or learning the craft. The recent global pandemic only added to the expanse of online music classes because it adhered to the social distancing protocol. Today we will discuss everything about taking music classes online and in person, what you can expect while working with us for either program in the best music schools.

Everything about our music lessons

Taking online vs. in person classes

Do you ever wonder which one will offer better lessons? In-person lessons are more traditional and therefore had the most popular for years. It is, however, possible to now get online classes because technology is so advanced that it allows tutors to deliver the same lessons while offering the same benefits. Here are a few things to note while comparing them.


Online piano lessons easily take the trophy as the more cost-effective one because you only have to pay for the lessons instead of factoring in transport. The attractive cost aspect is convenient for people who do not want to make a steep investment or wish to sacrifice one aspect of their life to get lessons. We offer hands-on training in in-person and online lessons, so you will always get the same materials and musical instrument lessons.


Scheduling is incredibly crucial whether you want to take online or actual physical classes in piano school. Both have flexible hours and lessons to allow you the opportunity to schedule your classes when you wish. It is always better to check in with us for an accurate breakdown of each music lesson schedule, so you can fit in your program as you please. Please note that online lessons are much easier to cancel than real-life lessons, especially when you set your cancellation order within short notice before it begins.


Some people learn better in person, and the opposite is also true. Many online learners appreciate the availability of online libraries that they can reference at any time. At the same time, real-life class attenders are content with the ease of accessing the tutor to address their concerns. Most people do not mind either one because they are only looking to learn for fun and not to play for competition.

Our online programs have every tune you need to expose yourself to all kinds of music, while the in-person classes offer better guidance. In addition, we are always available when you follow up to clarify essential things needed to play the music property, whether you choose the online or in-person classes.

Requirements to start

The main ingredient of online classes is an Internet connection that allows you to offer practice and interact with the tutor without glitches. Real-life lessons are just as easy because you only need to travel to the destination. CanadaWorks offers all kinds of lessons to students aged between 18 months and 83 years young by placing them in rooms that stimulate creativity.

It is really up to you which kinds of lessons you want. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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