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A book store specializing in music is increasingly becoming a rarity. Digital media offers convenience, which has created a shift, reducing the availability of physical book stores. There is something iconic about a solid music book in hand. This form of art is something we hope to preserve for the long term through our store. We have meticulously maintained an expansive collection of music-related literature, supplies and other affiliated merchandise in our physical store. Despite having an online presence and a working e-commerce site, we encourage visitors to visit our Vancouver shop.

Our Stock

We are the leading music supplier in North Vancouver and have served everyone from amateurs to professionals, upcoming artists, and music legends and institutions. Our success comes from the colossal assembly of books, recreational music and concert music. We have tens of thousands of books in our catalog that cover every imaginable genre of music. We also include Disney and movie scores as part of our vast collection. We are also a sheet music bookseller and offer a few select instruments such as violins, guitars and guitar accessories. Our library includes signed books, musical gifts, and instructional learning material.

Our Success Story

We are the best music book store in North Vancouver for various reasons.

We are fully licensed and insured. Our liability cover keeps our customers reassured each time they visit our shop. It is also prudent to be protected in case of a fire as our shop contains highly flammable material. Our music manuscript store is large and spacious and has a serene and welcoming design. It offers a relaxing environment that lets you get fully involved in your search for your next music book.

Our location in North Vancouver is perfect. We are in an area with high traffic. This convenient location has helped increase our walk-in numbers exponentially over the years and helped us establish and grow our brand.

We have kept our sales thriving through an online presence. Because we serve a young crowd who leverage their smart devices to find things they like, we have created a website to be more visible. It is not the most elaborate website, but it is robust and lists all our available books and music.

We keep our catalog growing each year. We have the space to accommodate new music scores, new publications and new instruments. We are keen to maintain a large diversity to meet the needs of all our shoppers. That is why we have unique collections of choral, vocal music and woodwind reeds and an assortment of school music programs.

We have a buy-back policy that allows the shop to buy its music book. The policy is limited to specific stock items, but it is an excellent option to offer regular buyers.

For a book store specializing in music, our prices are surprisingly good. We try to offer competitive prices on all our items, including our musical instruments. Calgary music school is one of the best music academies in North Vancouver. Please visit our music book store today to grow your music, books, and collectables.

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