Guitar Store North Vancouver

Playing the guitar is about passion. The moment we make a connection with the instrument and develop a style, we know we have found a stage to express our feelings and ideas.

However, passion must be accompanied by discipline and perseverance. A musician can be full of feelings but they are of no use if the ability to sing or play an instrument is not worked on consistently and with dedication.

Calgary Music School is the right place to develop your inner guitarist. Our institution has lessons in instruments, singing, music theory and we also have instrument sales and repair.

Are you looking for a guitar?

Calgary Music School is your preferred North Vancouver guitar store. We carry the best models – new and vintage – to play all types of music and to play your instrument professionally or as an amateur.

Choosing a guitar will depend on what kind of sound you are looking for or what is your condition as a musician. At Calgary Music School we have chosen to show you several options for you to choose from. These are the models available in our store.

Classical Guitar

Classical guitars have a softer feel and touch with a smaller and lighter body which is good for fingerstyle playing. also, they are played in genres such as Spanish, Gypsy-Jazz, Folk and Classical playing.

this model is perfect for those people who wish to start playing the instrument, as the nylon strings are much softer to perform chord positions.

Guitar Store North Vancouver

Acoustic Guitar

There are a variety of shapes of acoustic guitars that can be played in different genres of music. The steel strings can provide warm tones to bright tones depending on the different types of setup, and accommodates different genre of music such as acoustic rock, jazz, pop, country, funk, blues and R&B.

Guitar Store North Vancouver

Electric guitars

There are many styles of electric guitars, most popular being Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster and Les Paul. This type of guitar is much more versatile and you can play any kind of genre with them. Also, you can enhance their use by connecting them to digital effects pedals to find new sounds or emulate your favorite guitarist.

Guitar Store North Vancouver

If you want to know the range of models and prices in guitars that we have you can contact us through our website You can also sign up for guitar lessons to learn playing techniques, music theory, and composition. Dare to become a guitar glory.

Why choose us?

We are the largest music store in North Vancouver. We offer music lessons on a variety of instruments for all ages, an instrument repair center with the best luthiers in the area and a wide variety of brands of musical instruments.

Contact us

Want a new instrument, want to learn to sing or compose, don’t know where to repair your broken guitar? come to our Calgary, Alberta location. You can also visit our website or email us at for all kinds of information on classes, instrument repairs and sales.

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