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Become a part of Canada’s fastest growing music school franchise and expand your knowledge in business.

Musicworks Canada is an accumulation of decades of experience from countless successful businesses. Our passion to teach people how to build wealth is what inspired us to develop this sustainable franchise model that anyone can accomplish. With a low start-up cost and detailed analysis that supports growth, our mission is to guide ordinary people towards professional success and freedom.

how we teach

Learning musical terms gives us the chance to have lessons in language around the origins of musical terms, whether they’re Latin, French, or Italian. Pairing this with English grammar, writing, speaking and presenting lets students expand their vocabulary while learning new things.


At Musicworks, we are a community that supports collaboration. All of our new franchisees receive ongoing training and support that teaches the necessary skills to operate a successful store. Monthly royalties total 11%, with 3% going toward national marketing and 1% local marketing. Based on the franchisee’s budget, we compile data to ensure that the value of our marketing goes far.


Our team has put in time and effort to make Musicworks Canada one of the lowest-cost franchises in Canada, with a franchise fee of $45,000 and total cost of around $400,000. Having long-term relationships with contractors, marketing teams, bank lenders, corporate real estate representatives, and many more, we’ve built a trusted group of dedicated professionals from many different areas that know our model well and can execute each step in our process quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Franchise Fee                                                             $45,000

Location Selection Fee                                             $15,000

Engineering Fee & Permits                                        $10,000 – $15,000

Leasehold Improvement                                            $40,000 – $300,000

Store Signage                                                              $1,500 – $12,000

Equipment                                                                    $10,000 

Operating Equipment                                                  $1,500 

Product Inventory                                                         $25,000 – $60,000

Grand Opening                                                              $5,000 – $20,000 

Total Estimated Start up                                              $143,000 – $478,500


Every franchisee receives an analysis package detailing every relevant statistic of the business, ranging from highly detailed demographics of the proposed areas, a realistic breakeven point, and an estimated turn-key location cost. We want you to understand every detail of your business so that you can make a confident and educated decisions every step of the way.


Based on our existing store statistics, the breakeven analysis for the new store, and calculations that are done with an algorithm that we’ve created, we can determine what the growth rate may look like for any given store location. This gives franchisees an opportunity to assess their risk tolerance, be in control of their timeline, and know exactly what to expect at any given time.


Our ultimate goal for every franchisee is freedom. Once we have surpassed every milestone in the process – from location selection to building the store to reaching the breakeven point – the franchisee has the freedom to choose how they would like to move forward. We support and prepare many options that align with the franchisee’s long-term financial goals and plans. Opening more stores, selling shares of the existing store, investing in another business, or continuing to grow your store are all areas that we can help with. We will continue to provide guidance and support along the way. We love to see people realize and fulfill their potential, which is why we work so hard to free up the time and money of our franchisees so that they can continue to pursue their ambitions.


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