Coding Tutor For Kids Calgary

A coding tutor for kids in Calgary helps your child get a leg up in one of the fastest growing disciplines in the country. Computers are here to stay and giving your child the ability to understand them is a gift with unparalleled returns.

Why should my child learn to code?

The phrase “learn to code” is somewhat played out. When someone in a profession that is rapidly giving way to technology loses their job, you may hear this phrase.

There is a reason. Professions that involve programming are in demand. There was a 14 percent increase in job postings in the country for developers during the first eight months alone. Compare that to a negative nine percent growth in journalism jobs.

Should I encourage my child’s love of technology?

If the job market is not enough to encourage you to support your young one, there are many benefits of learning to program. Coding is more than simply writing a few instructions that tell a computer how to process data.

Programming is the art of problem solving. From the simple act of writing efficient code to learning to control a robot, solving a problem with a computer is a beautiful art form that sparks creativity, analysis, and scientific interest.

Benefits of Coding

The spark can ignite a flame and help turn your child into a master of their world. Problem solving is the essence of every major career path today.

From coding, your child learns:

  • A new language
  • How to apply technology to achieve a vision
  • The strategies required to think critically about new subjects
  • An appreciation for the work required to reach their dreams

Solving math problems or building games all involve these skills and traits. The common result is a motivated and capable life-long learner who knows how to put the pieces together to get what they want.

Isn’t development about more than coding?

Simply learning a programming language will not necessarily lead to these benefits. Programmers are a dime a dozen. A developer is not.

A tutor can help your budding Alan Turing explore complex material with the help of a new language. Simple game development and robotics classes are among the most common given to children.

These topics are often difficult for children to grasp on their own. It requires a helping hand to truly explore what is possible with technology.

Is coding difficult?

While it may seem daunting, children often excel at learning the basics of programming and applying them to real-world problems. They don’t have to become rocket scientists to control a pre-built program.

Coding can be tailored to the level of your child. They can build an entire program from scratch or use pre-written blocks of code. The joy is in piecing everything together.

Coding Tutor for Kids in Calgary

Developer jobs are on the rise and supporting your child’s interest through a coding tutor for kids in Calgary is a great way to spark a passion.

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