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Music is arguably the most universally recognizable art. Given how entrenched it is in our history, it is natural for a few people to have a high affinity for it. If you feel your life’s purpose lies in music or have a great appreciation for it, we have a music lesson center made just for you. Our school welcomes those wishing to get started in music, adopt music as a hobby, or improve their skills to rise to a higher level. We will nurture and grow your talent or passion as best as possible.

We have become a leading music Academy in Calgary. We offer lessons in voice, piano, guitar, drums, bass and more. We also explore the different styles of music, such as blues, metal, rock, pop and others and design our lessons based on your desires. We start you off at your skill level and set goals to challenge and help you become a better musician and performer. We are nurturing in our role but offer critique when we determine it will be critical to your success.

Our school of music programs accommodates rookies as young as six. We believe in nurturing talent early enough, especially if the end goal is to create a professional. We then advance them through the courses, ensuring we offer them enough practise before live audiences to master their skills.

We are a fully accredited college, and all our instructors are graduates from different high-level universities. They combine this background with experience in music, usually through tours or other careers in music. They bring a level of originality that is crucial to helping students develop their talent. We teach theory and technique throughout our programs, regardless of the instrument of choice. A solid foundation, we believe, is critical for success.

Our Strengths

Our Location– We are in the heart of Calgary, a city that has a deep appreciation of the performing arts.

Our programs– Whether you want to venture into music production, perfect your voice for the stage or build off a career on the mastery of one instrument, there is a program for you. Our college of music is all-inclusive, with curricula that lead to different music industry opportunities. We offer certificates upon completion of any program.

Performance opportunities– There is only so much we can teach at our state-of-the-art campus. To fully develop your artistry, we offer you performance opportunities regularly. This practical approach is of higher value because it prepares you for the reality of the industry. There are so many moving parts, both in production and performance and frequently measuring yourself up lets you know what weaknesses to improve on. We bring in different professionals in the industry for additional mentorship.

Our past successes– Our past graduates often share their tales of success and fulfilment after leaving our school. Fame is not the primary goal of our students. For most of them, mastery of their instrument is an end in itself.

Please visit our music academy to interact with our current and former students to understand our teaching styles and institution better.

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