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Calgary music school has a proven track record of providing quality music lessons in Calgary for several years. Trusted by hundreds of families, we are advocates of great music training for students of all ages. We bring together a community of experienced, dedicated, world-class team that offers personalized lessons in piano, trumpet, recorder, drums, flute, cello, early music classes, and performances. It’s always our pleasure to help you or your kid learn and succeed with their instrument. Since all music tutoring is not the same, here is why Calgary music school is the right choice for you.

Highly Qualified Music School

Calgary music school has a proven history of attracting some of Calgary’s best and brightest music teachers. Our music teaching approach is centered around our students and is focused on personalized learning styles and artistic goals. Many of our instructors are graduates from some of the top music schools in the country. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your kids receive quality instruction.

We work with instructors that are friendly, have warm personalities, and are committed to teaching you the style of music you want to learn. Plus, we are confident we have the best instructors to help you accomplish your music goals, whether you require K-12 online tutors or senior high school tutoring.

Comprehensive Music Education

Calgary music school offers the best tutoring in Calgary, providing robust and comprehensive music education. Whether it’s musical theater, jazz, pop, rock, classical, or anything else, each of our students will receive a versatile and quality music education of your choice. Concentrating on the music of your choice helps in creating an appealing music lesson experience.


At Calgary music school, we understand that families have a lot of priorities and activities to fit into their day. Our instructors work with each family to make sure they get a consistent schedule for their music lessons. If you have more than one child taking music lessons, our team will work with the family to coordinate lessons to make sure they have an easy, convenient experience.

Great Sense of Community

Role modeling plays a significant role when students participate in music rehearsals in front of other learners and share their music practicing experiences. We offer group learning classes that are a great opportunity for you to get to know each other and meet other instructors they usually don’t see regularly.

More Comfortable Learning Environment

If you or your kid ever wanted to stay in their pajamas all day, we also offer online tutoring in Calgary. This allows your kids to learn from the comfort of their homes while still in their pajamas. With Calgary music school, there is no hassle to get ready as we also offer after school tutoring Vancouver. You simply wake up and get connected when your kids are ready to learn. Your kids being able to learn music in comfy clothes and in their favorite room sounds like a great deal.

Contact Calgary music school today to see for yourself why hundreds of families choose us for their after school tutoring Vancouver.

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