Music lessons Calgary
Calgary Musicworks is pleased to offer a broad range of music lessons in Calgary for students of all ages: guitar, drums, piano, mandolin, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, ukelele, viola, violin, and voice. If you’re interested in learning how to play a musical instrument or have plans for your child’s future, contact us to get started. Music lessons Calgary

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Guitar Lessons Haymarket

>Are you a self taught guitarist? Many people are able to learn a few songs on their own. If you would like to improve your chops in a major way, a series of guitar lessons in Haymarket will do the trick. Learn theory and technique and you will be able to play with anyone. Call to arrange a few lessons. Contemporary Music Center

Art Classes Near Me

Eastside Pottery

6825 176th Avenue Northeast
+1 425-522-4466

With so many different art classes near me it’s difficult to choose a studio. Which one offers the best value to artists? Eastside Pottery is a 24-hour adult ceramic workspace where you can create when you want, as often as you want. Sign up at the Mainstay Membership Level for unlimited monthly access to our studio.